2N Telecommunications - 914013E - 2N NetSpeaker Lite - Standalone box (no power supply)

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Use the revolutionary 2N NetSpeaker Lite IP audio system for audio distribution in shops, restaurants and fitness centres. It not only allows you to effectively broadcast advertising messages and audio announcements, but also to play background music from any source. IP technology allows you to distribute audio from one central location to any remote destination or branch, and so you won't be limited to a source of music simply at the broadcasting location.
You can create a separate zone using any 2N NetSpeaker Lite, where you can then play various audio content according to your precise requirements. The audio signal is then streamed to various units from a central server, either as unicast (a stream generated for each unit) or multicast, which can be received by all units in the network.
Streaming audio online over the IP network
Simple connection for up to 10, 000 unique localities
Central management
Backup solution in case of outage
For technical support, please contact 2N at support@2nusa.com or (954) 606-6602

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